Transport equity analysis




Di Ciommo, F., & Shiftan, Y.


Transport Reviews

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This special issue on Equity and Transport argues that, while transport evaluation remains significant, equity assessment in transport planning is not sufficient and needs to be better understood and examined in terms of accessibility, mobility, and health effects. This broader focus is needed, among others, because of the emergence of the weaknesses of the current planning tools for transport infrastructures and services in incorporating equity considerations and the complexity in identifying the impacts of travel behaviours on society, environment, and equity (Lucas, Bates, Moore, & Carrasco, 2016). We will briefly review recent work that touches the subjects of equity and transport as dynamic and multi-disciplinary, and summarise the contributions of the five papers of this special issue to the existing literature. This introduction will thus present basic approaches in transport planning that consider different types of access to transport services and everyday activities, addressing equity and social exclusion in transport.

Di Ciommo, F., & Shiftan, Y. (2017). Transport equity analysis. Transport Reviews, 37(2), 139–151.

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