Cycling promotion with a social perspective

Organization of the European Mobility Week events and an annual cycling promotion activities program

In 2019 the department of Sustainability of the municipality of Fuenlabrada has commissioned the realization of various actions for promoting active modes and cycling  with the aim of contributing to the development of a strategy of sustainable mobility in their municipality

The tender originated from a preliminary diagnostic report (Indaga Research, 2017) about the current model of mobility in Fuenlabrada, developed within a public participation process. This study detected how using  on foot and bike mobility for changing the paradigm of mobility to become more sustainable.

cambiaMO participates in mapping sustainable mobility initiatives and organize the training school for adults female and families for biking, following the standardized method “Una bici más” ( In addition, cambiaMO organizes some activities for the next European Mobility Week of Fuenlabrada such as the gender workshop and the sustainable mobility workshop.

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