Accessibility-benefits in corridor N-150

Project development

The aim of this study is to develop a methodology for evaluating the transportation strategies and the mobility policies to integrate within the strategic planning of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB). The analysis focuses on the evaluation of the corridors of poverty and the mobility needs of their inhabitants.

The main conclusion of the previous analysis of the advantages of using the Inaccessibility Index for strategic planning and investment indicated that in most of the poverty corridors (eg C31, R4 and C245), the lest covered population group in terms of mobility needs includes students. However, in the case of the  N150 corridor, retired people, workers and unemployed persons also reveal their needs for additional mobility services for some specific purpose, such as health, daily shopping or accompanying dependent person. These include all proximity trips that reveal the need for an analysis at infra-municipal level.

Therefore, in this new study cambiaMO goes deep into the analysis of the N -150 corridor that includes the municipalities of Barberà del Vallès, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Ripollet and Montcada. It is a corridor that shows a widespread situation of unmet needs and reflects higher travel times.

cambiaMO got to define more precisely: (1) the profiles of the population groups with the most mobility needs (2) the activities that determine their trips; (3) how much the current transportation system influences their dissatisfaction. Once the framework is defined, improvements in services and infrastructures are identified to meet the needs of these population groups.

Finally cambiaMO developed a guide to plan, at metropolitan scale, the public transport networks, walking, biking and cars mobility infrastructures, to determine the pricing criteria, and to identify the contact points between the mobility policy and the rest of the social policies.

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