Fuelling Spain’s Future | How to boost the economy while leaving carbon behind

Health impact and air quality assessment and technical assistance on Spanish data sources analysis

In 2018, the study, commissioned by the European Federation for Transport and Environment, shows that improving the efficiency of cars and the greater use of zero emissions vehicles (mostly fuelled via electricity) helps to considerably reduce the CO2 emissions and air pollutants. This also has a positive impact on the economy and the labor market.

cambiaMO has developed and elaborated the part dedicated to the impact on health and air quality of the electrification of the automobile fleet in Spain, indicating that in urban areas such as Madrid and Barcelona switching to low carbon vehicles will gradually reduce the emissions of NOx from automobiles; by 1% in 2020 and 6% in 2025; and would reduce particulates by 3% in 2025. In the long run (i.e. 2050), the tailpipe emissions of both NOx and particulates would reduce by 89%, given that electric fuelled vehicles don’t generate NOx emission and drastically low the particulate.

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