Evaluation of mobility policies: the parking management

Coordination and development of the project

The aim of the study is to find out the behavior of the demand for parking and the profile of the different users resident in the various districts of Barcelona. In order to characterize the demand for parking on the road, it is important to detect the factors that determine it (routing, parking time, socioeconomic characteristics, etc.) and identify the different management elements (price, supply of parking spaces, time limitation, etc.).

A descriptive level of analysis includes a diagnosis of the current parking situation for characterizing demand segments, and data from current congested areas and the conditions to take into account in defining the demand model. Subsequently, it will be necessary to define the model that will best analyses current data, and characterize the elasticity of the demand in respect to the car parks price.

Floridea, during her stay at the UPC BarcelonaTECH, has led the definition of this methodology of analysis for the current parking situation for the detection of demand segments, and data from congested areas. She revised the car park user survey and elaborated the discrete choice logit model estimation for identifying the factors for defining the optimal parking prices.

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